• Can Planetary Gongs Heal Your Astrological Wounds?

    Even though every person in the room during a sound bath hears the same thing, we all experience it differently. Now, stay with us: This may, in some cases, have something to do with astrology. Ambi Kavanagh, a sound healer, Reiki master, life coach, and astrologer, got on the phone with us to explain how she interprets astrological transits and uses gongs representing the...
  • Here’s What the Next Eclipse Season Means for Your Astrological Chart

    In astrology, the phenomena of lunar and solar eclipses are thought to accelerate our own energetic evolution. Hedy Noemi, the London-based astrologer known as Nymph of Neptune, explains what to expect as the nodes shift into Gemini and Sagittarius.
  • Using Astrology to Release Shame

    Our astrological signs can tell us how we experience shame, says psychological astrologer Jennifer Freed. And part of the work for moving past shame begins with calling it out.
  • How to Live Your Core Values

    Defining our core values, says career coach Tara Mohr, can help us identify what’s missing in our lives. And often, as Mohr explains, living out those values doesn’t require large shifts.
  • Grieving, Mourning, and Honoring Loved Ones in Social Isolation

    Grief often begins acutely, painfully, and with maximum intensity. And then slowly, as psychiatrist and bereavement researcher Dr. Kathy Shear understands it, we adapt to the world and ourselves without the person we’ve lost. An early and critical part of that adaptation to loss usually involves ceremony, with or without the body, to mourn and honor and seek comfort. Those rituals not only bring...
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