• 9 Essentials for a Sexier Night

    A healthy sex life can do wonders for our overall well-being, so our path to consistent, fulfilling orgasms usually involves these tried-and-true staples—plus a few new friends we’re adding to the arsenal.
  • 2 Vibrator Recommendations—Plus a Simple Breathwork Practice to Get in the Mood

    We’ve test-driven a lot of different vibrators at goop. And while they all come with clear instructions detailing their bells and whistles, there is no companion manual that can tell you precisely how your body works. Everyone’s road to orgasm is different.
  • 3 Strength-Building Movements and More Pelvic Floor Tools for New Mothers

    Physical therapist Allison Oswald gives us three movement practices and a breathing exercise to help optimize the pelvic floor and strengthen the abdominal wall for physical stability, balance, and a more grounded feeling postpartum.
  • A Class on Cultivating Self-Love

    We first featured Erica Chidi’s work about three years ago—and our lives haven’t been the same since. A couple of weeks ago, Chidi led a virtual class about holding trauma in the body, compassionate connection with oneself, self-pleasure, and how to manage stress.
  • What We Know about Endocrine Disruptors and Men’s Health

    Epidemiologist and researcher John Meeker shares tips for reducing exposure to endocrine disruptors—like pesticides in our food and phthalates in our shampoo—and reminds us that this is only part of the picture. We need more research and regulations to better protect our health, the health of future generations, and the health of our planet.
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