• Our Favorite Cooking Projects

    Having more time at home means more time for project cooking. Which does not mean cumbersome or difficult cooking. The best kind of project cooking is a fun activity that you can really sink your teeth into—the kind of stuff you can make a day of. Some of these recipes take a lot of inactive time while you wait for an ingredient to be...
  • 3 Totally Vegan Comfort Food Recipes

    With a few smart swaps and clever combinations, you can make vegan versions of your favorite comfort foods that are as good as—if not better than—the originals.
  • How to Make Quick-Pickled Anything—and What to Do with Your Leftover Brine

    Making quick pickles at home is easy, and that zippy acidity can make a great bite even better. We’ve got three of our favorite brines and suggested pairings—all highly customizable.
  • 10 Summer Cocktails and the Barware to Match

    Austere Manhattans and martinis can have their moment any day of the year, but summer is for punchy, bright, refreshing cocktails. We’ve collected some of our favorites—without playing favorites. Gin, vodka, tequila, bourbon, rum: The gang’s all here.
  • From Bathroom Sink to Kitchen Counter, 13 Ways to Make Life at Home More Pleasurable

    Whitney Tingle (above, on her sofa at home in NYC) is that friend you beseech constantly for advice because she just knows what’s good. The cofounder of Sakara Life—a health, beauty, and organic plant-based meal-delivery company that is one of the most beautiful, original wellness businesses we know—has epic style, a deep understanding of holistic health practices, and some brilliant ways to shift your...
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